BBR Optometry patients benefit from overseas Fellowship

27 November 2013
Hereford based optometrist Neelam Patel has been awarded Fellowship of The American Academy of Optometry at this year’s annual meeting in Seattle - benefiting her employers, Aston University and... [More]

BBR Optometry reminds young drivers about regular eye tests for road safety

21 November 2013
BBR Optometry has issued a reminder to young drivers about the importance of regular eye examinations in support of Road Safety Awareness Week, following the findings of a recent survey carried out on... [More]


Education | Events

BBR Optometry reminds patients about the importance of retinopathy screening for World Diabetes Day

14 November 2013
Today is World Diabetes Day, an annual event that aims to raise awareness for individuals who suffer with this condition. Earlier this year BBR Optometry supported National Diabetes Week, by providin... [More]


Health Care

BBR Optometry Promote Local Pantomime Through Ticket Giveaway

12 November 2013
BBR Optometry has launched a local competition to give away tickets to this year’s pantomime performance of Cinderella at The Courtyard. As a Friend of The Courtyard, BBR Optometry receive... [More]




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