BBR Optometry helps to implement sustainable eye care projects across the Globe

20 December 2013
BBR’s chosen eye health charity, Optometry Giving Sight (OGS), has confirmed its admirable achievements for 2013.  As the first UK member of OGS, BBR Optometry has supported the charity si... [More]

The Sound of Success leads to the Sound of Music: BBR Optometry wins awards for its commitment to quality ophthalmic products for all customers

16 December 2013
On Thursday 12 December 2013 BBR Optometry took home two prestigious awards at the Rodenstock Club Awards 2013 held at the Four Seasons Hotel, Park Lane, London. Rodenstock is Germany’s leading... [More]



Six Ocular Hygienists pass their exams at BBR

12 December 2013
BBR Optometry is delighted to announce that six of our Ocular Hygienists have excelled in optometry exams with a 100% pass rate.  This examination, delivered by Spectrum-Thea, focused on Dry Eye... [More]

Protect your eyes from winter sun

9 December 2013
With the weather getting colder and Christmas getting closer, here at BBR we thought we would provide you with a timely reminder for the importance of protective eyewear during the winter season. Win... [More]



Good news for BBR Bunnies!

6 December 2013
Since 8th November 2013 BBR Optometry has been home to two furry little bunnies, as they were sadly left behind following an appointment. Although the bunnies have truly enjoyed being part of the pra... [More]


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