BBR showcases TearScience Technology

13 October 2014

On Monday 6th October 2014 BBR Optometry welcomed local Optometrists and Eye Consultants to its St. Owens Street based practice to showcase newly arrived ophthalmic technologies from leading evaporative dry eye experts, TearScience.

Hosted by TearScience themselves, the open evening proved to be an informative event that enabled all attendees to understand how both technologies – the LipiView Ocular Surface Interferometer and the LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation System - work together to successfully treat Dry Eye Syndrome, a common and uncomfortable condition that can affect up to one in five people across the UK.

BBR’s Practice Owner, Nick Rumney, comments “We are very grateful to all Optometry professionals who were able to attend our open evening on Monday and hope they found it be an insightful event that highlighted the benefits of both the LipiView and LipiFlow technologies for alleviating symptoms of Dry Eye in a matter of minutes.”

As one of six sites in the UK to introduce TearScience Technology to the high street, BBR is now opening its doors to patients from other local optometrists who would benefit from this quick and painless practice based procedure – proven to cure the symptoms of Dry Eye for at least one year. 

Nick continues, “In introducing TearScience Technology to the Three Counties and surrounding areas we hope to become the go to practice for patients suffering with Dry Eye, whether referred from other Optometrists for a one off treatment session, or self-referred by contacting the practice directly.”

For more information about TearScience technology at BBR please contact the practice directly on 01432 265 030.


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