Why not ‘road’ test the new spectacle lenses from Rodenstock?

20 October 2016

BBR is delighted to announce that its patients can now benefit from the latest lenses specially designed to make driving easier and safer – Rodenstock Road.

These lenses have been developed for drivers and will ensure perfect vision, whatever the time of day and in any light conditions.  

A driver's eyes are principally challenged at medium and long distances as they look from the speedometer to the rear view mirror, then ahead and back to the Sat Nav so Rodenstock Road lenses provide particularly wide visual zones which have been optimised to meet these rapid changes of focus. 

The lenses also feature optimally overlapping visual zones for the right and left eye that support spatial vision and simplify the estimation of distances to help motorists when they are overtaking or parking.

Daniel Read, practice manager at BBR, says: “Rodenstock has an established reputation for manufacturing the highest quality lenses which are only stocked by independent opticians and optometry practices such as BBR and I am delighted we can now offer these latest Road lenses. 

“With the nights starting to draw in and the clocks due to go back soon, there has never been a better time to consider buying these new lenses which will make driving at night-time much easier as they eliminate glare from headlights and offer pin sharp vision for all distances and light conditions.

“Available as single vision lenses, as well as progressive lenses, Rodenstock Road lenses not only improve vision behind the wheel but they can be used as everyday spectacles too,” he added.

Patients interested in having these lenses will be individually measured by BBR’s latest DNEye® Scanner, a high-tech device used to ensure the optimisation of lenses so everyone’s full vision potential can be achieved.

Why not call and make an appointment now on 01432 265030 to see what a difference these lenses could make to you?


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