BBR’s Daniel shows off his TD Tom Davies spectacle frame design skills

12 June 2018

Hereford’s BBR Optometry was chosen to show off its expertise in the design and customisation of one of the world’s leading bespoke spectacle frame brands to optometrists from throughout the UK.

Practice Manager, Daniel Read, spent a day at the headquarters and frame manufacturing centre of TD Tom Davies at Brentford, near London, to host a workshop on how he helps design the bespoke frames for customers.

The TD Tom Davies bespoke frames are available in titanium, acetate and natural horn and can often be seen worn by celebrities and others throughout the world, including Ed Sheeran.

Owners have the chance to have their own unique frame made by the company by a select number of optometrists in the UK, including BBR Optometry. The St Owen Street practice is a premier bespoke stockist for the brand.

“The company was hosting a visit to their manufacturing facility where Tom Davies himself led a tour of the facility and designed a frame in front of visiting optometrists and eyewear specialists,” said Daniel.

“I’d been asked to host one of three workshops about designing bespoke frames and was the only non TD Tom Davies member of staff involved, which was quite an endorsement on what we do at BBR Optometry,” said Daniel.

“It was really exciting to be invited. I love designing frames for patients and helping other opticians understand how it is such a useful tool to make spectacles that look, feel and function better was very enjoyable. Tom Davies bespoke eyewear is a great concept, a fantastic product, and they are a great company to deal with; I’m delighted to have been able to help them out.”

Paul Foxall, National Sales Manager at TD Tom Davies, said: "BBR Optometrists are one of our premier bespoke stockists. It was great to have Daniel in attendance to help us with several workshops. Daniel was able to provide some of our other customers with valuable insight into how he goes about customising a frame to ensure that the patient get a perfect pair of glasses"

TD Tom Davies moved production of its bespoke made frames from China back to the UK following an £800,000 investment in a new facility in Brentford, where 37 staff are employed to produce the handmade frames.

The company celebrated its 15th anniversary at the end of 2017.

Tom Davies himself is recognised as one of the leading eyewear designers in the world.  He began working as a designer in 1996 and realised there was a market for people who wanted fitted spectacles that were comfortable and looked good.

By 2008 he had opened his own factory and offered his bespoke service through an exclusive global network that includes BBR Optometry in Hereford.

Anyone wanting to find out more about TD Tom Davies bespoke and ready-to-wear frames can contact BBR Optometry in Hereford. 


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