Importance of eye examinations highlighted as part of Diabetes Awareness Week by BBR Optometry

14 June 2018

Sufferers of diabetes or those at risk of the condition are being urged to have regular eye examinations by Hereford’s BBR Optometry, as part of Diabetes Awareness Week (11-17 June).

One of the most common causes of blindness in people of working age in the UK is caused as a result of diabetes. “Diabetes has many risks and one of these is damage to the eyes as a result of the disease, sometimes leading to blindness,” said Nick Rumney, owner and chairman of the St Owen Street optometrist practice.

“As part of Diabetes Awareness Week, we want our patients and those suffering from diabetes, or at risk of the condition, to know the importance of a good health management plan.

“There are a number of symptoms of diabetes that can affect the retina. Health care professionals will advise diabetes patients on the best ways to balance diet and lifestyle to reduce the risk of such a condition and part of this is a regular eye examination.

“An optometrist is skilled to spot any abnormalities within the eye and through regular examinations, they can spot changes that could be the first signs of the condition. Through such measures, advice can be provided to the patient and their healthcare team on ways of preventing the further damage or the development of symptoms.”

Diabetes Awareness Week takes place between 11 and 17 June 2018.


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