BBR Optometry is first in West Midlands to offer latest retinal imaging technology

18 December 2012

BBR Optometry is delighted to announce it is now able to offer patients the very latest in retinal imaging technology following the purchase of an OPTOS Daytona screening machine.

BBR is the first practice in the West Midlands to offer ultra-widefield retinal imaging, bringing significant benefits for patients. The Daytona is able to capture an image of 80% of the retina whereas older machines only process retinal images of approximately 15% at any one time. The 200° field of view means far fewer images need to be taken - considerably speeding up the whole screening process. And because the images are displayed instantly, the optometrist is able to identify potential issues immediately and recommend a course of action that will minimise future problems.

BBR Optometrist, Neelam Patel, says, “Ultra-widefield retinal imaging is one of the most important developments to have taken place in optometry in recent years. A procedure, which if possible at all used to take up to 40 minutes and include drops, can now be wrapped up in under 2 minutes. The size, accuracy and clarity of the images are far superior to anything previously available.”

Screening using an OPTOS Daytona involves the patient positioning one eye at a time over a detachable face pad at the front of the machine. Patients are asked to move their eye until a green light comes into focus – indicating the camera is ready to take the optimum image. The photos can be viewed immediately on an adjoining screen and are added to the patients’ records for future comparisons.

BBR's Managing Director, Nick Rumney says, “The BBR team is really excited about the potential of the Daytona. The earlier we can spot disease indicators, the better chance we have of achieving a satisfactory outcome for our patients.”

BBR has an established reputation for offering patients the very latest ophthalmic equipment – it was the first practice in Herefordshire to purchase an OCT (optical coherence tomography), enabling the production of 3D images of the retina which can be ‘peeled’ back layer by layer to identify the earliest signs of degenerative diseases.

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