What is Low Vision?

When a person has reduced vision in both eyes that cannot be corrected by conventional spectacles or contact lenses, they may be described as having sight loss or low vision.

The degree of vision loss will vary between individuals, and will depend on the underlying condition or cause.

BBR Optometry's Low Vision Service

At BBR we provide a comprehensive assessment of the specific needs of the individual so we can ensure they are provided with the best low vision device to assist them.

We have a wide range of devices and resources to help with day to day tasks or enabling individuals to continue a loved hobby.

Our Low Vision practitioner Nick Black will be able to show you best how to use magnification, colour and contrast, and light to get the best from your device.

He will also be able to offer you helpful hints and tips on how to make things easier with day to day tasks.

What is the Herefordshire Low Vision Scheme?

We are very lucky in Hereford to have a low vision scheme for those individuals with a Herefordshire address or Herefordshire GP. The scheme means assessments will be paid for by the Clinical Commissioning Group and that there are a large selection of low vision devices available on permanent loan. For those with a GP outside of Herefordshire, private low vision appointments and devices are available. Please contact the practice for more information

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