DNEye® scanner helps put Emily on road to better vision at night

Even though BBR’s Trainee Dispensing Optician, Emily Davies (pictured) was struggling to see well when driving at night she knew prescription spectacles weren’t needed – but our state-of-the-art Rodenstock DNEye® Scanner was instead able to offer the perfect solution.

Here at BBR Optometry, we are always at the forefront of latest technology and the Rodenstock DNEye® Scanner works by taking a digital fingerprint of the eye which registers lower and higher-order aberrations of the eye for both near and far vision.

Emily explains: “Even though I didn’t need prescription spectacles, the scanner detected that I had a lot of higher order aberrations which means my eyes scatter light in a way not able to be measured in a standard eye exam. This was an explanation for some difficulty I had with starring around lights and glare from headlights at night. 

“The scanner calculates the aberrations and we can feed this information into the spectacle lens design to correct them. Rodenstock Road lenses, which feature optimally overlapping visual zones for the right and left eye that support spatial vision, and are then combined with a filter to help with glare from headlights.

“Since I have been wearing my new spectacles, driving at night has become so much easier and more comfortable. 

“My eyesight is generally good but now, thanks to the DNEye® scanner, I understand what is causing me difficulty seeing when driving in the dark and I now have lenses that can improve my night vision,” she added.

Practice manager Daniel Read adds: “We now encourage as many of our patients as possible to take advantage of the DNEye® scanner, which arrived a  year ago as part of our major practice refit.

“This helps to ensure we can detect higher order aberrations that can cause problems such as reduced contrast and poor vision at dusk.

“Cases such as Emily’s highlight that, even if you do not need to wear spectacles for everyday use, they may make a noticeable difference when taking part in activities such as driving or working on a computer.

“The DNEye® scanner allows us to measure the eye more accurately than ever before and really ensures we can supply the correct lens to allow 100 per cent exploitation of a patient’s vision potential,” he added.

BBR also stock a wide range of innovative lenses for a variety of uses so why not make an appointment now and see the difference thanks to BBR?

Hear what chief executive Nick Black thinks about the DNEye® scanner and its benefits in this video.

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