When a perfect stranger says ‘what fantastic spectacles’

When a long-standing BBR patient received compliments from complete strangers, she knew her decision to choose bespoke Tom Davies frames was the perfect choice.

Lizza Henderson, a retired dietician who lives near Leominster, has been wearing spectacles for more than 60 years and said: “These Tom Davies pairs are the best I have ever worn and I have never in all those years worn any that are so comfortable.”

As someone who has been a patient at BBR Optometry for more than 30 years, Lizza was encouraged by Practice Manager Daniel Read to consider the bespoke range, which are custom-made to ensure a perfect fit.

Daniel says: “The Tom Davies frames are extremely popular, especially with patients who have never managed to find a ready-made spectacle that fits really well.

“The majority of spectacles are made for the majority of people; if you are broad or narrow in the face, if you have a low or wide bridge to your nose or some degree of facial asymmetry then you may have experienced difficulties in finding frames that look good and fit well.

“A frame that is made to measure could be the answer and gives huge control over colour, shape and style allowing you to create something completely individual, whether that’s with just a small tweak to size or creating something with bright colours and a distinctive shape and I am delighted Lizza has found they make such a difference,” he added. 

Lizza chose a standard pair for everyday wear as well as some sunglasses and it was while going on holiday that a perfect stranger complimented her on the spectacles she was wearing.

She said: “I was sitting on the bus waiting to go out to the aircraft and a man came over and said to me ‘gosh aren’t those spectacles fantastic’.

“I’m delighted with the appearance of the spectacles, the comfort and the fact they also make it easier to drive at night but to receive such a nice compliment from a perfect stranger really brought a smile to my face and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tom Davies eyewear to anyone else,” she added.

You can find out more about the bespoke range of Tom Davies frames here

To find out more about how Tom Davies eyewear is made from Titanium or natural horn, please watch the videos on our YouTube channel. 

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