Buy quality Impression lenses in August and get second pair of lenses for free

Rodenstock’s Impression® lenses are some of the best available, giving the sharpest possible vision whether in varifocal or single vision lenses, and BBR Optometry is proud to offer them.

To celebrate the company’s 140 year milestone and to enable patients to benefit from these fantastic lenses, anyone that purchases Impression® lenses throughout August can receive a second set of lenses into a new frame and not pay for the lenses.

Daniel Read, Practice Manager, says: “The fact Rodenstock have been manufacturing quality lenses for 140 years speaks for itself and they are continually developing new, even better lenses for a variety of uses.

“We all know that one pair of spectacles just isn’t enough and this offer enables you to enjoy the benefits of having additional pairs of lenses to suit different lifestyles and activities such as driving, sport and reading without the added cost.

“This means there has never been a better time to ensure you have the best possible lenses to enjoy your hobbies and pastimes to the full.

“So, if you want to make sure you’re never again searching for your ‘one and only’ pair of specs, now is the time to call in and see us,” he added.

But you need to act now as this offer will end on August 31.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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