Perfect time to take advantage of DriveSafe offer

BBR Optometry is currently offering 20% off DriveSafe spectacle lenses from leading lens manufacturer ZEISS – but the offer is only running until the end of March so you need to act quickly to get this great discount.

A number of factors including low light levels, glare from headlights and adverse weather can all make driving more stressful for a wide range of people, but particularly spectacle wearers.

DriveSafe lenses, available in both single vision and progressive lenses, have been specifically designed to combat these issues, and enable wearers to switch between everyday activities and driving without changing their glasses.

Find out more on our website or by watching this short film from ZEISS. 

According to ZEISS, on average 83% of spectacle wearers are also drivers. If this applies to you, why not see how DriveSafe could make driving a safer and more comfortable experience – regardless of the time of day and weather conditions.

Contact us now to arrange a lens upgrade and take advantage of this offer which is available from February 1 until March 31.

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