Hereford optometrist offers truly British handcrafted spectacles

BBR Optometry reveals its bespoke designed frames are now handcrafted in the UK

One of the UK’s leading independent optometrists, based in Hereford, has been offering customers a truly British designed and handcrafted range of bespoke eyewear frames for nearly two years now.

Award-winning BBR Optometry provides TD Tom Davies bespoke frames to customers who travel to its St Owen Street practice from throughout the region and other parts of the UK. Now, the company has revealed the frames are not only just designed in the UK, but they are also manufactured by a specialist team based in the country.

TD Tom Davies recently opened a UK factory following an £800,000 investment in a new facility in Brentford, where 37 staff are employed to produce the handmade frames, including 17 new apprenticeships.

“We’re very pleased to be able to tell our customers that the product they’re wearing is not only designed by Tom Davies in the UK, but they are now handcrafted for them in the UK too.They are a truly British product with an international outlook, sold all over the world, including many in Hereford,” said Daniel Read of BBR Optometry.

“It now means that everything, from the personal consultation at our practice, to the design of the frame and being handcrafted can all be performed in the UK. I was privileged enough, along with Nick Black, to attend the factory opening and it is extremely impressive. There is nowhere manufacturing frames from start to finish in UK and very few that can produce the unique pieces that our patients desire!”

TD Tom Davies celebrated its 15th anniversary at the end of 2017, with Tom Davies himself recognised as one of the leading eyewear designers in the world. His bespoke frames are worn by celebrities and others throughout the world, including Ed Sheeran, and are recognised for their design and quality.

“The range are great for people who know what they want but have difficulty finding it. They can identify a design from the TD Tom Davies range that they like and then we take their facial measurements, tweak the frame size, colour and send the details to the team that handcrafts them so that they fit perfectly,” added Nick Black.

“That’s why the range are so successful, not only because of their design, but the fact they are literally made-to-measure, making them extremely comfortable and easy to wear and use.”

Tom Davies began working as a designer in 1996 and realised there was a market for people who wanted fitted spectacles that were comfortable and looked good.

By 2008 he had opened his own factory and offered his bespoke service through an exclusive global network that includes BBR Optometry in Hereford.

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