From winning in Saint Moritz to preparing for university for triathlete Jemima

Herefordshire triathlete Jemima Cooper never ceases to amaze us here at BBR Optometry. Her vision for success is something that shines through whenever we see or hear about her latest competitions or training.

As her official eyewear sponsor, we’re providing Jemima with the best possible frames and lenses for the various elements of her sport. Whether it’s running, cycling or swimming, the ability to see clearly at all times is critical.

With our close relationship with TD Tom Davies, we have been developing some bespoke frames tailored to Jemima’s needs, combined with Zeiss lens technology.

We’ll be telling you about the different types of frames and lenses Jemima will be using soon and we’ll let you know what she thinks of them during her upcoming events and continued training.

Last month Jemima headed off to a training camp in Saint Moritz, Switzerland with her coach and squad. It was good to hear that in addition to the training she won a competition.

“The week started with such a wonderful surprise of a win at the Saint Moritz Sprint Triathlon! This race was truly one of the most scenic and beautiful races I have ever done.

"It was a tough one as the Saint Moritz field of triathletes are quite something as this is home for many professional athletes over summer as an altitude training base,” she said.

“This October, I will enter my third and final year of university. Although of course, the workload will be somewhat intense, the structure of university enables me to train at a high level and in high volumes.

“That means the coming few months are a chance for me to really build and improve in my training and hopefully put out some good performances. All being well, I intend to qualify for my professional Middle-Distance racing licence in the early season of 2019.”

Jemima will be coming to our practice in St Owens Street, Hereford shortly for some of her latest eyewear and we’ll bring you details of how we produced the bespoke frames and lenses.

In the meantime, whatever your sport or pastime our team of professional eyecare and eyewear specialists, along with ophthalmologists, are here to help ensure you have the right frames and lenses to help you.

Whether you cycle, play golf, football, run or maybe you’re a triathlete, we can help advise on the best way for you to see clearly to attain and surpass your goals and enjoyment of the sports you participate in.

We’ll bring you more news from Jemima soon, including how she’s getting on with her eyewear.

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