BBR Optometry close 50th anniversary celebrations by unveiling Precious Collection by Tom Davies

2019 has been a year full of appreciation and celebration for BBR Optometry, as it marked 50 years of delivering award-winning eye care. In December, BBR will close these fabulous celebrations by teaming up with Tom Davies, as he unveils his new exclusive Precious Collection.

Between 2 and 14 December, BBR will be showcasing the entire range in its Hereford-based practice. It will be the first practice in the country, outside of Tom Davies’s own London stores, to unveil this collection; appointments will need to be made to secure an exclusive viewing.

British eyewear designer, Tom Davies, is renowned for his superb bespoke spectacles, but the Precious Collection is one of Tom’s most innovative collections to date. Aside from silver 925 and 18K gold frames, the collection also includes natural horn frames. Tom has been a pioneer in creating these since 2002 and BBR has proudly stocked them since 2016, creating over 200 unique, bespoke and custom frames in this time.

The special techniques Tom’s master craftsmen use to hand make frames for the Precious Collection allow them to create unique and elegant masterpieces. Eyewear that combine silver 925 and natural horn have been designed to balance weight across the frame, specifically behind the ears, making the frames feel extremely light.

Tom Davies comments on his collection:

“This collection is my personal favourite and one of the best sunglasses and optical frame collections I have designed.

“Since silver and gold are far heavier than other materials, the challenge has been making the glasses feel light and comfortable. We’ve come up with an innovative way of balancing them so the weight is placed on the back of the ears and now the frames feel and look fabulous.”

Daniel Read, BBR’s practice manager says:

“We’re all huge fans of Tom Davies for the fantastic designs and unique ability to bespoke a frame to create a fantastic fit and a unique, tailored style.

We are very proud to be one of Tom Davies’s exclusive centres in the UK. Earlier this year, Tom gifted us with a selection of world-exclusive spectacles, so it’s a real honour to have another prestigious collection in our practice this December.

“We’d also like to take this time to thank everyone for their support this year. We really do have the best patients, suppliers, supporters, staff and family and have thoroughly enjoyed marking our 50th anniversary celebrations with you all."

We look forward to seeing you in December – remember to book an appointment to get a glimpse!

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