The answer to Myopia

A licensed product with evidence-based scientific proof that myopia can be controlled and myopic development slowed. This product, the unique MiSight 1-day lens, is now available at BBR Optometry.

A puzzling problem

It may have escaped your attention but there is a developing epidemic of myopia (short-sightedness). Myopia is characterised by an elongation of the eyeball as a child grows and the prevalence of this has been increasing.

If current myopia trends continue, around 56% of the European population will be affected by the condition by 2050.

What’s the problem? Isn’t it solved by glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery?

The issue is the underlying medical problems that potentially accompany all people with myopia across a lifetime. These include structural abnormalities such as glaucoma, retinal degeneration, tears and detachments alongside the possibility of loss of central vision by myopic macular degeneration. Tragically, any of these conditions are potentially blinding.

The risk of these conditions increases as the level of myopia increases.

BBR Optometry have been at the forefront of developing and offering strategies for myopia management, for example using “Overnight Vision Correction” (OVC) otherwise known as Orthokeratology and MiSight® 1 Day Contact Lenses since their launch in early 2017.

The unique MiSight 1-day lens - now available at BBR Optometry

The release of MiSight® 1 Day contact lenses means that optometrists have a licensed daily contact lens with evidence-based scientific data that myopia progression can be slowed.

The study into MiSight® 1 Day lenses is currently into its fifth year and is the longest running clinical trial regarding contact lenses worn in children.

During the first three years, data was collected from a group of children who started wearing MiSight ® 1 Day contact lenses and this was compared with a control group who were wearing a comparable standard contact lens. The growth of the eyeball and prescription were measured for 3 years in both groups. There was a significant 59% reduction in the progression of myopia in the MiSight ® 1 Day group versus the control group and this stayed stable over the 3 years.

At year 4, the control group were also fitted with the MiSight ® 1 Day contact lenses. Since then, the progression rate of the control group has reduced to mimic the progression rate of the original MiSight ® 1 Day group. This indicates that the MiSight ® 1 Day lenses are comparatively effective at any age regardless of what the baseline prescription is or length in treatment.

The study is due to continue for another 2 years.

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When to start?

The MiSight ® 1 Day lens is available in a range of prescriptions including those in the lower ranges. Therefore, BBR Optometry are encouraging a pro-active approach in fitting children of all ages to catch myopia in the early stages. This is not an approach that can be dipped in and out of. Once started, there is a commitment to maintain therapy and management.

It is not available on the NHS and only available on a planned monthly payment programme, which includes all professional examination and fitting fees plus the supply of the unique and revolutionary product. The cost per month is £45.00 payable by direct debit.

But how young can children wear contact lenses?

There is no limit or barrier to the age of children who are can be fitted with contact lenses. Many of you know we fit children as young as five years old with contact lenses.

It has been shown that children are very responsive to maintaining good habits and hygiene when fitted from an early age. Along with myopia control, children within the study reported improvements in their daily activities from being spectacle free, such as playing outdoors and participating in sports.

The fitting and supply of any optical appliance to those under 16 is highly regulated and not permitted by any other than registered optometrists, contact lens opticians and doctors.

Please note the fitting and supply of MiSight will require a signed informed consent procedure.

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