There are currently three, soon to be four, Independent Prescribing (IP) Optometrists working in the practice. This higher qualification allows us to quickly and appropriately manage many eye conditions that you may have previously thought need to be dealt with by your GP or by an eye doctor in A&E.

If you feel you might have a problem with your eyes that requires urgent attention, we have same-day emergency appointments available. Sometimes drops or creams or even tablets are required to treat minor eye infections, inflammation or allergy and we are able to provide you with a prescription for these instead of attending Eye Casualty or waiting to see your GP for a prescription.

Many of our patients have benefited from this additional service we provide, allowing them to choose an appointment time that suits, regular follow ups, faster diagnosis and a tailored treatment plan.

What is the difference between an Optometrist and an independent prescribing Optometrist?

An independent prescribing (IP) Optometrist has gained a higher qualification which allows them to prescribe any medications (drops/creams/tablets) required to help eye conditions, the same as your GP.

Will I have to pay for my prescriptions?

In Herefordshire, unfortunately as IP Optometrists we do not have the facility to issue you with an NHS (FP10) prescription which may be free (if you are eligible). You will have to pay the private fee in the pharmacy, although sometimes the private cost is less than the standard NHS prescription fee. We are working hard to obtain NHS prescribing!

How quickly can I be treated?

We have emergency same-day or next day emergency appointments available for patients who have an urgent eye problem such as a suspected infection, red or uncomfortable eye(s). If you are registered at a Herefordshire GP practice, you may be eligible to attend for a free MECS appointment (emergency red eye service). If you do not have a Herefordshire GP, there will be a private fee for each appointment. All of our Eyelife patients benefit from free appointments.

Will I need to come back for a review appointment?

In some circumstances, a follow up appointment is required. This allows the IP Optometrist to monitor your eye condition and ensure it is improving. We are able to schedule this around you, meaning minimal disruption to your day.

Eye Casualty discharge and follow-up

Increasingly the Eye Casualty Dept is asking people to attend an Optometrist for follow up to check that your eye condition is getting better. If further treatment or medication is needed, we are here to provide you with the most appropriate care.

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