Why choose bespoke spectacles?

The majority of spectacles are made for the majority of people. But if you are broad or narrow in the face, have a low or wide bridge to your nose, or some degree of facial asymmetry then you may have experienced difficulties in finding frames that look good and fit well.

Bespoke frames ensure perfectly fitting spectacles and sunglasses

A frame that is made to measure could be the answer! Whether it’s a small tweak to the size, or something with bright colours and a distinctive shape, you can create something completely unique.

Tom Davies bespoke frames are brilliant for people that know what they want, but always have difficulty finding it. By finding a frame within the range that’s nearly right and then tweaking the size, colour and fit, the process, when guided by our Dispensing Opticians, is remarkably straightforward.

Bespoke frames usually take a little longer to create and cost that little bit more, but the result is something perfect and unique.

Exceptionally comfortable and look superb

Tom Davies Eyewear

Tom Davies began his work as a designer in 1996 and soon identified a need to offer properly fitting spectacles that were exceptionally comfortable and looked superb.

By 2008, Tom had opened his own factory and offered a full bespoke service through his global network of exclusive opticians, which we are delighted to say now also includes BBR Optometry.

All Tom Davies frames are handcrafted using the finest materials and each takes between 16 and 22 hours of close, detailed work by dedicated experts. These experts are trained for 10 years to ensure each individual piece made is close to a work of art, perfectly finished and fitted individually to the wearer.

To ensure wearers gain the full benefits of Tom Davies frames, BBR carry out a bespoke consultation to see which designs best suit their personality, lifestyle and natural features.

A series of precision measurements are then taken to help create a bespoke frame. These details are sent to the Tom Davies design studio, where the eyewear is first designed and then the frames are made in their workshop.

Finally, all bespoke frames are finished with the name of the customer engraved discreetly on the inside of the temple arm.

Tom Davies designed Superman, Clark Kent’s, signature frames. The iconic eyewear is also a favourite with celebrities, including actors Angelina Jolie and Kevin Spacey, as well as chef Heston Blumenthal.

For those looking for a bit of luxury, Tom Davies frames can be made in natural horn, typically buffalo. Horn frames look and feel beautiful and are substantially lighter than plastic frames.

Find out more here.

To find out more about how Tom Davies eyewear is made from Titanium or natural horn, please watch the videos on our YouTube channel.

A world exclusive 50th anniversary gift from Tom Davies!

2019 marks 50 years of delivering award-winning eye care for BBR Optometry! To help celebrate, Tom Davies generously gifted us an incredible collection of world exclusive spectacles! The four piece collection features two titanium show-stoppers and two frames that change colour when exposed to the sun.

BBR Optometry have had a number of clinical firsts over the years, but this is the first time for a world exclusive launch of a new spectacle frame product!

Find out more about the whole collection here.

Tom Davies colour change animation
Tom Davies colour changing frames

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