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Austin has a strong background in science, with degrees in Natural Sciences, Biotechnology and Audiology. He has extensive experience in the assessment and rehabilitation of adults and children with hearing loss, having worked for the NHS prior to joining The Hearing Care Partnership. Austin is dual-registered with the HCPC as a Clinical Scientist and Hearing Aid Dispenser.

With his strong focus on providing patient-centred hearing care, Austin appreciates that his working environment permits ample time and access to the best technology. This ensures he can help his patients to live a life uncompromised by hearing loss.

Austin has a young family and spends his spare time enjoying nature and outdoor pursuits: “I love getting out into the great outdoors, whether hiking or cycling, or just indulging in a round of golf!”

Austin will be working in the practice offering:

  • Complimentary Hearing Test
  • Ear Wax Removal
  • Tinnitus Consultations
  • Hearing Protection

To book an appointment please call 01432 818115

Austin Timoney
The Hearing Care Partnership

We are excited to be working with The Hearing Care Partnership, to provide patients with the same high standard of care for their hearing as we provide for their vision.

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Complimentary Hearing Test

Regular hearing tests are vital as hearing can deteriorate gradually, so issues are easier to correct the sooner they’re detected. All hearing assessments with The Hearing Care Partnership are thorough, personalised, carried out by our expert Audiologist and free of charge.

Ear Wax Removal

Our Audiologist, Austin, uses the latest, safest techniques, including microsuction, to remove ear wax and help keep your hearing crystal clear.

Tinnitus Consultations

Our complimentary tinnitus consultations are designed to help you manage this sometimes frustrating condition even if you experience symptoms persistently.

Hearing Protection

The Hearing Care Partnership offers specialist hearing protection, including custom-moulded ear plugs that are perfectly tailored to you and your lifestyle.


The Hearing Care Partnership

What does the world really sound like when you have a hearing loss?

Hearing loss is a largely misunderstood condition, despite age-related hearing loss being part of the natural aging process. At The Hearing Care Partnership, as part of our campaign to help more people live their lives to the full, we’ve teamed up with Sideways Productions to help people better understand the effect hearing loss can have on an individual’s quality of life.

To learn more about The Hearing Care Partnership, visit their website by clicking here.

Where to find us
38 St. Owen Street,
Hereford HR1 2PR
Opposite Cantilupe Surgery

Eyelife patients are entitled to a 10% discount on all products and services provided by The Hearing Care Partnership

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