This sustainable resource is an ethical by-product of the farming process in India and Africa. Every horn frame is as unique as a fingerprint, with a pattern and texture that won’t ever recur naturally twice.

BBR Optometry are delighted to be able to supply you with a natural horn frame from Tom Davies.

Horn is a wonderful material because...

  • It is beautiful. It has a pattern and lustre that cannot be replicated in a plastic.
  • It is comfortable. Horn is a natural material and feels exquisite to wear, 35% lighter than plastic, it is entirely hypoallergenic.
  • It is a luxurious product. Not just for the reasons above, but for the time and craft that goes into creating it. It takes six months to get a buffalo horn into a condition where it can be worked and then weeks of skilled craftsmanship to create an item of beauty that you can wear.

Horn requires care to look after it. It is a strong material but if not treated with respect it can be damaged; if you look after it, though, it could last you a lifetime.

We strongly recommend that you have alternative spectacles to your horn frame, as due to the nature of the material, repairs and adjustments may take longer than usual.

With a horn frame, there is a guide on how to look after it. Following the instructions is key to keeping the frame in good condition and we always recommend bringing it in to us once a year for a full service.

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