New Tear Clinic being launched to offer specialist Dry Eye treatments

With figures showing that in England alone some 60% of people are suffering with symptoms of Dry Eye, BBR Optometry has decided to launch its own dedicated Tear Clinic.

The clinic will benefit patients who have sore, gritty and watery eyes triggered by daily activities such as computer, phone and tablet use. 

It is being launched, in conjunction with Scope Ophthalmics, on Wednesday, July 12, and anyone who has concerns can benefit from specialist advice and treatment of this common condition. 

BBR optometrist and Dry Eye specialist Jessica MacIsaac says: “As Dry Eye is a condition that affects quality of life for so many of our patients, we have decided to launch this new Tear Clinic because many treatments are available to relieve symptoms and prevent long-term complications.

“According to a recent survey, people with Dry Eye suffer reduced self confidence due to the impact on their appearance, disruption to social activity such as the time spent reading or watching TV and decreased productivity at work due to eye fatigue

“Many with the condition also spend less time outdoors due to the effects that strong sunshine or wind has on their eyes.

“This new clinic means we can offer timely and proactive intervention without the need for a hospital appointment and patients can have confidence that they are doing everything possible to maintain and protect their eye health.

“I would urge anyone who suffers from dry, red, sore of irritated eyes to take advantage of our special opening event for the new clinic where they can have one-to-one consultations to see if they have Dry Eye and, if so, be advised on the many treatment options available,” she added.

BBR Optometry offers a range of treatments that include LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation Treatment, BlephEx Microblepharoexfoliation, Demodex 40-day tea tree oil treatment and Dissolvable and Permanent punctal plugs, all of which are available on our new Dry EyeLife scheme meaning patients can spread the cost.

Jessica adds: “Patients who attend are actively encouraged to bring a friend along who they feel could also benefit from the new service.

“Everyone who attends the event will receive free “Taste of Herefordshire” goodie bags as well as a voucher for 10% off the total price of any sunglasses purchased at BBR and we will also be providing free refreshments,” she added.

The event runs from 11am to 5pm and anyone interested in attending is encouraged to email or call on 01432 265030 by noon on Monday, July 10 to make an appointment.

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