Much more than Game, Set and Match for BBR Optometry

Wimbledon is one the UK’s national sporting events that always manages to bring budding tennis players out and on to their local courts as the finals draw closer this weekend.

While the big question will be who will be crowned Wimbledon champion 2018, another less obvious one is what are the best sunglasses to have for tennis and other sports and why?

Contact lenses are often used by sportspeople. But for many, and for a lot of reasons, spectacles remain the preferred option. This is down to the fact that sunglasses are often needed when playing a sport.

“When you’re playing tennis, you need to be able to see where the ball is at all times and within a split second,” said Daniel read, practice manager at Hereford-based BBR Optometry.

“Sunglasses are the most obvious solution. They help you see in sunny and bright conditions and protect your eyes. As with other sports, wearing the right sunglasses is imperative for seeing clearly and being able to react quickly.”

BBR Optometry offers a range of sports-based spectacles, including Maui Jim, a premium polarised sunglasses brand founded over 30 years ago in Hawaii.

Other sports brands available from the St Owen Street optometrist include Bollé and Serengeti, along with other sunglasses brands such as Rocco by Rodenstock and Barbour.

“Sunglasses in sport aren’t just about seeing clearly. It’s also important to protect your eyes from potential harm from prolonged exposure to sunlight during such activity. Wearing sports sunglasses will protect your eyes from harmful UV rays,” added Daniel.

“It’s also important to have a frame that is comfortable and fits correctly. It’s pointless having a pair that is ill-fitting or falls off.”

BBR Optometry’s professional team can help advise on the best type of sunglasses for different sports. Whether for tennis, cycling, golf or any other activity.

It’s also imperative that active sports users, like anyone else, have regular eye examinations to ensure they have the correct lenses.

So, whoever is crowned Wimbledon champion 2018 this weekend, make sure you have the right eyewear for your sport, as the winners do.

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