Herefordshire triathlete Jemima Cooper races ahead with BBR Optometry

Herefordshire triathlete Jemima Cooper has always had a clear vision for achieving sporting success. And now, thanks to the support of BBR Optometry, she will have some of the best eyewear to help her achieve her goals.

Jemima, 21, from Hereford, has been a triathlete since 2017 after she decided to move on from a professional career as a classical ballerina. 

After racing with considerable success at the top of her age group at Sprint and Standard Distance Triathlon, this year she has stepped up the challenge as she races Ironman 70.3 Middle Distance in the UK and internationally. 

Jemima has already qualified for the Age Group Middle Distance World Championships and she will compete in the European Middle Distance Championships in Ibiza this Autumn.

Hereford-based BBR Optometry has become her official eyewear sponsor, providing a range of dedicated sports frames suitable for the harsh conditions of middle distance triathlons that include swimming 1.9km in open-water, cycling 90km and then running a half marathon.

“In my sport, it’s critical to have the best vision- especially on the bike. At the highest level of racing, everything counts. Good or bad kit choices can mean the difference between winning and losing. Having eyewear that is good quality and reliable is very important,” said Jemima who studies psychology at the University of Bath where she is now based.

“Working with Daniel and the team of optometrists and eyewear professionals at BBR Optometry is a great experience. They understand how important it is to me to be able to compete with the best equipment in my sport.”

Daniel Read, practice manager at the St Owen Street practice, said: “We have long worked with Bolle, Serengeti, and Maui Jim who have some great sunspecs for various sporting and leisure activities from golf, cricket or sailing, to skiing, cycling or running. All sports or hobbies have slightly different visual needs that might benefit from a specialist tint or frame. 

“For Jemima, she needs something light, yet robust, which will cope with different or changeable light conditions, and protect from wind, grit, and glare. Quite a lot to deal with! Jemima is petite so looking at even the smaller models from Maui Jim or Bolle, she was quite swamped, and the fitting unsatisfactory.”

He added: “We are going down a bespoke route designing something specifically for her. Thanks to our close relationship with Tom Davies we are working with them to create a bespoke frame tailored to Jemima’s needs. Combine that with Zeiss lens technology and we will have a great solution for her.”

We are delighted to be working with Jemima to help in anyway we can and are sure that she is destined for great success.”

You can find out more about Jemima here.

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